About us

Dar Aminah is an independent educational organisation aimed at providing women with a holistic practiced understanding of Islam that is reconcilable with women’s current social contexts. In an age of deviation and extremes Dar Aminah realised the importance in taking from authentic traditional sources while dealing with the nuances and struggles of living as a Muslim woman in the west. Thus it is unique in that it offers a semi-sacred space where educational programmes, weekly social gatherings and youth workshops provide our beneficiaries with culturally relevant spiritual and intellectual growth.


Our Vision

As women are the core members of society involved in rearing and educating future generations, our vision is to facilitate a healthy, functioning faith based community which is inclusive for women from all cultures and backgrounds. Due to the struggles and inhibitions converts may experience in seeking sacred knowledge we endeavour to provide regular classes and support groups to assist them in their integration in to the local Muslim community. We are acollective of concerned teachers, volunteers and community members who seek to bring about positive sustainable change and we are committed to provide the necessary means to facilitate that reality.