Madrassah Aminah

Salams Ladies,
We are honoured to introduce to you something very close to our hearts…
Dar Aminah is opening up its very own Madrassah! Emoji
But it’s a Madrassah that is a little bit unique…

Our blessed Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
Teach your children three qualities: love of your Prophet, love of his family, and recitation of the Quran.”
How then do we follow this advice? How do we teach love when we may not even have it ourselves? What if our children grow up being able to recite the Quran, but not wanting to because they don’t see its value? How do we prevent our youngsters growing up without manners, or thinking faith is just another label and something just for set times and places? It is happening already to our youngsters… How do we make faith something real and alive and relevant for our children?
Madrassah Aminah intends to work with parents to nurture their children together, so religion becomes more than just rote learning or something done in a particular place just for an hour a day.
Fully qualified and experienced teachers have been involved in the careful development of a programme of tarbiya which is intended to develop the whole child. The intentions are to help nurture qualities in the child so she becomes thoughtful, kind, well-rounded and aware of her surroundings and ultimately one who is aware of her Lord and Prophet (peace be upon him).
The mother is the first teacher and Sayyida Aminah was the blessed teacher and nurturer of her blessed son (peace be upon him). She, along with other great women helped to tenderly nurture the young blessed child (peace be upon him) that God (Glory be to Him) entrusted them with. We believe each child is an amanah and that Dar Aminah is that safe haven in which part of that care and education can take place.